FTTH 2 cores flat drop cable (FRP)

FTTH 2 cores flat drop cable (FRP)

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FTTH 2 cores flat drop cable


Technology parameter

Cable type

FTTH cable 2 cores flat drop cable(FRP)

Cable specification


Fiber color

Blue, orange

Fiber type

9/125 (G.657A1)

Sheath color


Sheath material


Cable dimension   mm


Cable weight   Kg/km

Approx. 8.5

Min. bending radius mm

15 (Static)

30 (Dynamic)

Attenuation   dB/km

0.32 at 1310nm, 0.18 at 1550nm

Maximum load under compression (N / 100mm²)

Long-term   300

Short-term  1000

Maximum tensile load (N)

Long-term   30

Short-term  60

Operation temperature  


Note: the product is in accord with the instruction of EU RoHS